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Manage the automation of the entire lifecycle of your internal and external PKI

Face and voice recognition

It is simpler to build, support, and improve a microservice when it is separated into a separate subproject with its own functionality

As a result, we were able to pick the best frameworks and solutions for the objectives of each microservice. Voice recognition and facial capture are both included in the biometric authentication flow. As media data processing for the server is required, a pre-built WebRTC service has been developed. 


Use machine learning for biometric recognition

With a wide variety of possibilities that AI can offer in the business scenarios on a global level, it is all the more important for firms to be flexible and comprehensive with the process of implementing AI.

This is where Cognitive AI by Avani plays a huge role in bringing together the business aspirations of the firm and the latest offerings of the AI world. Avani provides the firms with technological expertise, real-time experienced teams, and futuristic designs to achieve its goals.

Bring together cloud solutions and DevOps tools

Maintain the certificate infrastructure that is fool-proof, secure, and backed by policy.

Product ideas contributed by the development team

Our team's commitment to the task, concentration on coming up with innovative ideas, and determination to identify sound solutions are all factors that contributed to our success

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