It is challenging to define what digital transformation genuinely means in the telecoms sector and to determine where organisations are in the process, which gets us to the heart of the industry as it is

Healthcare security priorities shift to protecting medical devices

Digital transformation is taking place everywhere, but CSPs must quicken the pace of change.

At the same time, classic telco closed IT infrastructures will no longer exist as a result of digital transformation. To support the development of both internally developed own-brand services and externally generated third-party services, open platforms and simply available APIs are needed. 

Data-Driven Insights

Digital Technologies Can Analyze Vast Amounts Of Data And Provide Accurate Insights.


Automating Workflows Can Help Reduce Human Errors And Improve Operations In The Telecom Sector.

Agile Network

Digital Technologies Can Help Telecoms React To Changing Customer Demand And Stay Competitive.


Diversifying portfolios

Digital telcos must significantly broaden the scope of their service portfolios as the digital economy develops. They must also determine how to manage these varied service portfolios and discover which service specialisations best match their strengths. They can achieve this by determining their comparative market advantages compared to rival OTT players, as well as their own competitive advantages. The graph below demonstrates where the competitive advantages of telcos may be found and how those advantages relate to the underdeveloped OTT market position and investment.

Increasing flexibility

Wide-ranging organisational and cultural change is required to supply a diverse portfolio of digital services that are monetized via a variety of channels and business models across a vast partner ecosystem. This is likely the hardest transformation road to outline and the most painful to traverse. But the criteria for a digital telco must include a new culture, set of skills, and operating style that can adapt to various aspects of the business.

Utilizing data

For the gathering, analysis, dissemination, security, and monetization of big data originating from infrastructure, services, social channels, business, and third-party sources, telcos must build a single integrated approach. The efficient use of data for both internal business improvement and external monetization will be a key factor in determining the success of all entities in the digital economy.

Increasing security

As telecoms create more avenues for the delivery of digital services, third parties will become more involved. These services frequently have stricter security requirements, necessitating a comprehensive, business-wide security transformation that addresses the entire technology stack, the process of developing the service, partners, the physical environment, and all stakeholders involved in its delivery and use. It makes sense that we are focusing on infrastructure security as one of our telecom use cases. 

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