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Intelligence and mastery enable a new dimension of cyber security In the current digital world, we’re having a greater risk of data protection because necessary information is available at one’s fingertips and can be accessed from anywhere.

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We ensure that our clients are protected 24/7 with state-of-the-art cyber security practices. We also enable enterprises to set up their own next-gen SOC, so they can effectively recognize possible cybersecurity episodes and take precautionary measures as needed. The security center helps counter cyber threats with a unified approach that leverages robust technologies such as Analytics, Machine Learning, and Automation.

Avani Systems strategically combines automation, deep analytics, machine learning, and correlation across various types of fields of security with the sole aim of bringing environments together and automating responses. As the world is endeavoring to strengthen security operations, our focus is on automating that helps us offer the latest cyber security for clients. We can provide greater transparency and awareness across the network. 


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This is a demonstration of possible attack scenarios that an attacker can use to bypass security controls in order to abuse high privileges in important systems. It can search for vulnerabilities in applications from any sort of technology. It has been used to look through large cloud-based solutions, as well as other different types of technologies such as mobile and embedded. 

Penetration Testing Against Information Security Risks

Various types of payment systems can be analyzed for vulnerabilities. These include: knowing when or if a customer is taking advantage of the system, the source and destination of transactions, whether an app gives too much access, rules on charges, risk score fraud detection, and more. With threat modeling, you can assess the risks of industrial control system attacks and vulnerabilities. This information helps you gain insight into your current attack surface and the respective effects on business due to plausible attacks. Exclusive research focused on recognizing security issues relevant to critical elements of the latest transportation infrastructure ranging from automotive to aerospace.

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Penetration Testing

This Is A Demonstration Of Possible Attack Scenarios That An Attacker Can Use To Bypass Security Controls In Order To Abuse High Privileges In Important Systems.

Application Security Assessment

It Can Search For Vulnerabilities In Applications From Any Sort Of Technology. It Has Been Used To Look Through Large Cloud-Based Solutions, As Well As Other Different Types Of Technologies Such As Mobile And Embedded.

Payment Systems Security Assessment

Various Types Of Payment Systems Can Be Analyzed For Vulnerabilities. These Include: Knowing When Or If A Customer Is Taking Advantage Of The System, The Source And Destination Of Transactions, Whether An App Gives Too Much Access, Rules On Charges, Risk Score Fraud Detection, And More

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